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ATEX Rated, Industrial and Fire Carry Lantern
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This ATEX-rated rechargeable LED lantern is lightweight, weighing only 875 grams. Its tight beam is optimal for firefighting applications.

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  • High, low and blink modes:
    High for a bright, far-reaching beam: 180 lumens; 632m beam; runs 3.5 hours; 100,000 candela
    Low for a less intense beam and longer run time: 70 lumens; 400m beam; runs 7.5 hours; 40,000 candela
    Blink for signaling: runs 5.5 hours
    Optimized electronics provide regulated intensity
    Lightweight lithium ion battery recharge in 5 hours
    Dual-direction toggle switch is easy to use with gloved hands
    Reinforced D-Rings
    IP66; dust tight and water-resistant; 2m impact resistance tested
    Two models: Standard System with AC/DC and Vehicle Mount with 12V DC direct wire charging rack; both models include a quick release buckle strap
    Quick-release strap works like a seatbelt buckle for fast and easy release/connection of shoulder straps
    Fits all the existing Vulcan series charging bases/racks already in service
    Uses the same battery as the previous model ATEX Fire Vulcan LED
    19.76 cm (7.78”); 875 grams (1.93 lbs)
    Serialized for positive identification
    Limited lifetime warranty
    Assembled in USA

Product Specifications

High Lumens:                       180
Run Time on High:               3.50 hours
Run Time on Low:                7.50 hours
Beam Distance:                   632 meters
Max Candela:                        100,000
Battery Type:                       Lithium Ion
Battery Quantity:               2
Length:                                  7.78 inches (19.76 centimeters)
Weight:                                   1 pounds 14.88 ounces (875.43 grams)
Colors:                                   Orange


Full product information can be found in the DOCUMENTATION section.


  • 44103 :: AC/DC Charge Rack
    44103 :: AC/DC Charge Rack
  • 44610 :: Lithium Ion Battery
    44610 :: Lithium Ion Battery
  • 22060 :: 100V/120V AC Wall Adapter
    22060 :: 100V/120V AC Wall Adapter
  • 22061 :: 230V AC Wall Adapter
    22061 :: 230V AC Wall Adapter
  • 22050 :: 12V DC Direct Wire Charge Cord
    22050 :: 12V DC Direct Wire Charge Cord
  • 22051 :: 12V DC1 Charge Cord
    22051 :: 12V DC1 Charge Cord
  • 22062 :: Wall Adapter (240V AC)
    22062 :: Wall Adapter (240V AC)
  • 44050 :: Quick Release Strap
    44050 :: Quick Release Strap
  • 45232 :: Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap
    45232 :: Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap

Product Ratings

Meets applicable European Community Directives.
Rack meets requirements of NFPA 1901- (2003) mounted in any position
Ex ic nA IIC T5 Gc Ex tc IIIC T54°C Dc IECEx FTZU 15.0038X
II 3G Ex ic nA IIC T5 Gc II 3D Ex tc IIIC T54°C Dc FTZU 08 ATEX 0139X
Ex n A ic IIC T5 Gc
Ex tc IIIC T54° C Dc
DNV 16.0076X



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