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Vautex Elite S

One-piece protective suit with tightly fitted and interchangeable boots and interchangeable gloves with over gloves. The Vautex Elite S protective suit (CSA) offers reliable protection against gaseous and vaporous, solid and liquid chemicals as well as radioactive contamination. It consists of a special material composition, made from a strong polyamide carrier fabric with foil laminate and an elastomer intermediate layer. Its surface consists of high-quality butyl with an elastomer surface and not only defies chemicals of all kinds, but also radioactive contamination. The Vautex Elite S chemical protective suit has high mechanical strength. It is made so that an SCBA can be worn inside. He also has a back part that can be unfastened.


Vautex Elite S – CSA chemical protective suit against all kinds of chemicals


The Vautex Elite S can be used in many different ways. It is particularly useful in firefighting, police, chemical and military operations. This high-quality, professional chemical protective suit can therefore be used in all areas where chemical protection is important. The Vautex Elite S is available as a standard version with an interchangeable lens, but also in a special version with a dual air system for external breathing air supply with temperature-regulating internal ventilation. The Vautex Elite S Expert, on the other hand, has the lens firmly glued in. It is also variable in the short version because the arm and leg lengths of the Vautex Elite S medium are about five centimeters shorter than standard. Benefit from the highest quality.

Product Specifications

  • Elastomer coated film / fabric backing
  • Carrier fabric made of polyamide
  • Butyl inner layer
  • High chemical resistance
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Increased resistance to short-term flames
  • For use with SCBA to be carried inside
  • Back section with removable reinforcement
  • With large, exchangeable lens (D3020825 and D3020826)
  • Large gas-tight zipper for better entry
  • Integrated transponder

Application Areas

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology
  • Fire brigade / aid and rescue organizations
  • Police / military
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Search and rescue services
  • Longitude and SEK units
  • Food Processing
  • Asbestos fight


  • PPE Directive 89/686 EEC
  • EN 943-1: 2002 type 1a