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Vautex Elite 3S-L

The Vautex Elite 3S-L is a professional chemical protection suit (CSA) and consists of elastomer-coated fabric and a multilayer film laminate, which impresses with its high tear resistance, absolute impermeability and many other advantages. It is particularly suitable for use in fire, chemical accidents, in water / wastewater management or in agriculture. It therefore offers protection against all solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals. The SCBA is worn over the Vautex Elite 3S-L. The Vautex Elite 3S-L cannot be affected by short-term flame exposure because it is resistant to brief contact with fire. It has a high resistance to cold down to -60 ° C and can be decontaminated down to 75 ° C. It has a 3S mask, a double glove system quickly and easily exchangeable boots. Its slim and practical design also makes the Vautex Elite CSA chemical protective suit a high-quality partner for all applications where protection against chemicals is required. Since safety and protection of the emergency services are the top priority when deployed by firefighters, militaries, THW or rescue operations, we as a professional manufacturer of chemical protective suits offer the best quality and highest protection.


MSA Vautex Elite 3S-L – CSA protective suit for all applications


Whether in the event of a natural disaster, decontamination work or repairing leaks – the chemical protection suit Vautex Elite 3S-L (CSA) offers effective protection for any type of work that involves the worker in contact with solid, liquid, gaseous or vaporous chemical Brings pollutants. Its combination of elastomer-coated fabric with additional foil laminate offers high mechanical strength and increased resistance to flames. This high-quality chemical protection suit (CSA) can be used at high as well as at low temperatures and, despite its ample space inside, has an attractive and slim design.

Product Specifications

  • Maximum protection against solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals
  • Protection against brief exposure to flame
  • High mechanical strength
  • Decontaminable up to 75 ° C
  • Sleek design

Application Areas

  • Fire brigade / aid and rescue organizations
  • Industrial applications
  • Authority / public security
  • Police / military
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Power generation and supply
  • Water and sewage
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture
  • Asbestos fight
  • Food Processing


  • EN 943, parts 1 and 2, as type 1b-ET PPE directive
  • PSA 89/686 / EEC
  • PPE 89/686 / EC