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UV/IR Optical Detector

The Optical UV/IR Detector high speed response is being installed in military tactical and combat vehicles.

The detector is micro controller based enabling adjustment of sensitivity and other features to a specific application.

A serial communication port provides outputs for maintenance and diagnostics.

Only simultaneous detection of radiation in the UV and IR ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum (which are characteristic of fire) and above preset threshold will result in a detector output signal.

All other types of radiation sources, not identified as fires, will not be detected.


  • UV/IR Dual-Sensor
  • High Speed Response – less than 3 msec
  • Sensitivity to Slow Growth Fires
  • High Reliability
  • Immunity to False Alarm
  • Discrimination – optional
  • Automatic and Manual Built-In Test (BIT)
  • RS-485 Modbus Compatible
  • MTBF Minimum 150,000 Hours