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Product Specifications


• Designed to be used as fall arrest and rescue system when working in manholes, platforms, silos, roof edges etc.

• Made of aluminum alloy material. It is light weight. Transportation and installation can be performed by one person.

• It has 360-degree rotatable console body. Can be fixed when requested. The console posts have two different sizes (60 and 130 cm) for different working heights.

• The cantilever can be adjusted in eight different positions in accordance with the required angle, position and height. Switching inpositions is easily accomplished by changing the pin position.

• It has more than one ground sleeve for different working areas.

• Retractable Fall Arrester with Recovery Arm and / or Hand Winch can be mounted on anchorage body.

* Certified with 3 independent anchor points with a 100 Kg dynamic load. Maximum SWL is 300 Kg for static loads.


29,00 kg  (130 cm Techno Arm Set)

39,00 kg  (MP-100 Mobile Pod)

68,00 kg Total Set weight (Techno Arm 1300 + MP-100 Mobile Pod)

Standard: EN 795:2012 Type B

• TECHNO ARM Console Posts 

• TAB – 060 60 cm

• TAB – 130 130 cm

• TECHNO ARM Optional Equipment 

• HRA Retractable Fall Arrest Block

• HRA Mounting Bracket

• ALKO 901 Load Winch 20 mt

• ALKO Mounting Bracket

• TECHNO ARM Base Plate

• MP-100 Mobile Leg