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METAL SPLASH GUARD® 375 G1L Jacket/Coat and Trousers

Heat and Flame Protective Clothing & Welders Clothing & Molten Metal Splash Protective Clothing & Antistatic Clothing

Category III          CE Mark         EN ISO 11612:2015        EN 1149-5:2008                                                                                                             



EN ISO 11611:2015 Class 2

Technical Description

Fabric Composition: 54% Viscose FR / 20% Wool / 20% Poliamid / 5% Pararamid / 1% Antistatic

Fabric Weight     : 375 gr/m2

Design                 :  Jacket and Trouser / Coat and Trousers alternatives are available

General Specifications:

– All the materials that are used in the manufacturing of the suit are heat and flame retardant.

– FR black textile zippers (velcro band)

– FR type metal toothed zipper

– 100% Aramid yarn is used for stitching

– Zipper provides high protection with a protective front fly which prevents flame entry

– Standard model includes split pockets on trousers that are designed specially to prevent the entry of the molten metal splashes.

– On jacket, one pocket with flap is included on chest, both on right and left side.

– Elasticated cuff inside the arms, is designed to prevent the entry of molten metals splashes