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Marprime Ultra

Marprime System: Much More Than An All-In-One Cylinder Pressure Indicator 

The MarPrime System is not just a simple, user-friendly cylinder pressure indicator. It is designed to measure and analyze the combustion process of 2- and 4-stroke marine diesel engines and stationary power plants. This easy-to-use system offers the potential to gauge all the engines in your machine room and draw up well-founded diagnostic reports quickly with a high degree of accuracy. The MARIDIS cylinder pressure indicator uses a high performance electric pressure transducer of well proven design allowing extremely accurate measurement.

With the MarPrime handheld device you also have a “one-hand/ one-person” tool which quickly and easily collects and records the full range of engine performance data. Fast data transfer via network or USB connection and an automatic detection of the device guarantee an easy operation when reading out and displaying data. Using the supplied software the measured pressure sequences can be displayed accurately as a function of the crank angle.


MarPrime Instruct, MarPrime Ultra & Basic Software

Together with the new MarPrime Instruct and MarPrime Ultra, a single unit is now able to offer you full assessment of your engines in one hand: The MarPrime System. MarPrime Instruct determines the performance of your engine and enables you to compare it with other parameters.

This is much more than your cylinder pressure indicator. A feature of the MarPrime Ultra version is the ultrasonic sensor. It enables the engine timing – such as the start and finish of the injection process and the engine valve timing – to be determined very precisely. In combination with our indication device MarPrime Ultra, the software MarPrime Instruct makes any other additional software obsolete.

Nevertheless, the included, basic software of the MarPrime System requires no additional installation of pick-up sensors or crankshaft position transmitters and will carry out the TDC correction of the pressure sequences automatically. Learn more about the MarPrime system:

  1. Handheld device
  2. Optimizing the engine operation
  3. Monitoring the load balance
  4. Checking the valve timings
  5. Reducing fuel consumption and emissions
  6. Determining condition of the cylinder head assembly
  7. Reducing costs of replacement parts and maintenance
  8. No need of any pick-up sensor or encoder
  9. Dynamical TDC calculation
  10. Accurate power calculation
  11. High accurate cylinder pressure sensor
  12. Easy handling
  13. Measuring at every engine
  14. Self-explanatory evaluation software
  15. With USB and network connector
  1. Engine diagnostic far beyond cylinder pressure with dynamic TDC correction no additional installation of pick-up sensors or crankshaft position transmitters is required


Additional ultra sonic diagnostic

  1. Determine injection timing
  2. Determine valve timing
  3. Determine valve leakages