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Marprime Instruct

Full-Featured Software Solution To Optimize Your Engine Operation

MarPrime Instruct was created for the MarPrime System, an all-in-one solution of cylinder pressure handheld devices. The additional new software optimizes the engine operation for low fuel and cylinder consumption and high engine reliability. Errors and saving potentials will be identified and analyzed and clear instructions for efficient usage will be shown to the operator – analyze, optimize and operate efficiently.

In combination with our new software MarPrime Instruct makes any further additional software dispensable. It determines the performance of your engine and provides comparisons with other parameters. A single unit, offering you full assessment of your engines in one hand, not just a cylinder pressure indicator: A complete tool to assist you while operating engines, fleets and power plants.


MarPrime Instruct features
  1. Input & evaluation mask
  2. ISO correction
  3. Engine performance field for propulsion engine
  4. Engine layout diagram
  5. Engine diagnosis with diesel expert system
  6. optimizing tool
  7. report system