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MarComp – A Combustion Chamber Tester

MarComp is a Combustion Chamber Tester monitoring the current condition of valves and piston rings. Providing reliable and efficient condition monitoring, this device measures the time pressure drop of the combustion chamber in TDC position of 4-stroke diesel and gas engines for every cylinder station with the indicator cock and the corresponding W1-1/6“standard thread.

MarComp condition monitoring has cost-reducing effects: The condition of valves and piston rings can easily be detected by this diesel engine combustion chamber tester. Root causes, that often cannot be detected through the usual measurements, have a serious impact on the engine wear depending on operating conditions. The used type of lube oil, fuel, temperature, humidity and load pattern have to be included in the considerations.

Engines with combustion chambers in poor condition cause high consumption of lube oil. Filter fouling increases maintenance costs. The MarComp combustion chamber tester lowers operational efforts by suggesting the ideal point of time for overhauling engines with new piston rings, irrespective of recommended overhaul intervals.


Combustion Chamber Tester:
Early detection for engine protection

The MarComp Combustion Chamber Tester is connected to the indicator cock of the engine and to the supply air (6 to 9 bar). With the delivered stop clock you can measure the time pressure drop of the combustion chamber in TDC position of the engine. You are able to detect worn valves, valve seats and worn or broken piston rings according to your engine manual. The principle is simple and has been used by engine users for years, however it is easier to handle with precision made in Germany.


MarComp device helps

  • Avoiding engine break-downs by early detection of important engine parameters
  • Planning engine overhaul intervals and decreasing operational costs
  • Operating condition based overhaul depending on the real state of the engine