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LIWAT – Liner Wall Temperature Monitoring System

The Liner Wall Temperature Monitoring System monitors the piston running performance by measuring the temperature of the upper part of the cylinder liner.

A higher friction between the piston rings and the liner results in an increased characteristic temperature level which may lead to scuffing.

You can set individual temperature alarm limits via the monitoring system in the engine control room to give early warning about a high thermal load and potential cylinder liner scuffing. The Liner Wall Temperature Monitoring System consists of high-quality temperature sensors and a field bus signal converter for each cylinder as well as a common monitor in the engine control room.


Principal advantages

  1. Never again undetected cylinder liner scuffing problems
  2. Allows you to respond quickly and reliably to operational problems
  3. Compact and easy to self install
  4. Independent or fully integrated in the alarm monitoring system
  5. No additional PC required
  6. Reasonably priced