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iNet® Control

Bring visibility to your gas detection program with iNet Control

iNet® Control is gas detection management software that provides unparalleled visibility into your gas detection program. Now you can easily manage your hazards, people, and equipment from anywhere with one simple dashboard. For DSXi Docking Station customers, access to iNet Control is included at no additional charge.


Track and mitigate the everyday hazards your people face

  • Receive easy-to-read summary reports that identify when, where, and for which users alarms occurred
  • Track alarm trends over time with customizable graphs
  • Review and sort historical data by instrument, user, or alarm type
  • Receive tailored email summary reports based on the data that matters most


  • Know how gas detectors are being used and take corrective action

    • Create user groups with different settings and permissions, and receive alerts when any settings are changed
    • Assign specific settings for users in an easy-to-use menu
    • Monitor who is using each instrument and when that instrument is being used improperly
    • Assess how users responded during alarms and see if notifications were shut off or ignored
    • View full data log records to see which hazards workers were exposed to


    • Easily maintain your gas detection equipment and manage compliance

      • Set schedules for equipment groups, bump tests, calibrations, data downloads, and diagnostic reports to ensure instruments are maintained according to company policy
      • Report on bump tests, alarm summaries, instrument status, and instrument warnings
      • Receive alerts and apply firmware updates when they become available to take advantage of new enhancements
      • Print and email bump test and calibration certificates on demand for easy auditing
      • Change or verify instrument settings across your fleet to meet the needs of users and applications
      • Track the history of components and users to uncover trends and anomalies
  • With iNet Control, you don’t need an IT project or additional software to get up and running. You can monitor your gas detection program from any web-enabled device and receive custom reports that keep you informed, even on the go. If you’re in the dark when it comes to hazards and how your people and equipment are performing, it’s time to shed some light on your gas detection program with iNet Control.