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Hand Pump PA 09 H 2 C ST

Compact and lightweight hand pump for double-acting tools (CORE Technology).

Standard supplied with:

• Push & Unlock, intuitive pump handle unlocking system
• Fiberglass reinforced pump handle, with soft grip
• Hydraulic oil level indicator
• Non-slip rubber underneath
• Integrated funnel for oil filling


Article number 150.142.074
Basic specifications
Model PA 09 H 2 C ST
Max. working pressure 720 / 72 (bar/Mpa) 10443 psi
Equipped with (connector type) CORE
Capacity oil tank (effective) 900 cc 30.4 oz
Number of stages 2
General specifications
Operator type hand
Dimensions, weight and temperature
Weight, ready for use 4.8 kg 10.6 lb
Dimensions (AxBxC) 647 x 135 x 170 mm 25.5 x 5.3 x 6.7 in


Low visibility & quiet operation
• Suitable for use during tactical operations

Compact & lightweight
• Easy to transport, carry and handle

Higher flow
• To complete your actions quicker

Soft-grip pump handle
• Offers more comfort and grip during operation of the pump

‘Push & Unlock’ system
• You can start pumping immediately, no need to remove a clasp first

Non-slip rubber underneath
• Prevents the pump from slipping during its operation

Hydraulic oil level indicator
• For quick and easy monitoring of the oil level from the outside of the pump

Built-in funnel
• Filling up your pump with oil has never been easier