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Dual Compartment Control Box 709302

The Dual Compartment Control Box is a compact, small size controller that receives detection signals and activates the fire extinguishing systems in engine/personal compartments.

Microprocessor based electronics, enable flexibility to fit specific system configurations and operating logic. The typical control panel includes indication and warning signals, and manual activation. Modern RS-485 serial communication port enables connection to a main control system and can be used for maintenance and trouble-shooting.


  • High Speed Response (less than 5 msec)
  • Accepts input signals from optical, wire heat and spot heat detectors (total of up to one wire heat and four optical/spot heat detectors)
  • Monitors and activates up to five extinguishers
  • Indication and warning signals
  • Integral manual activation
  • Automatic extinguisher activation
  • Alarm detection indication
  • Overheat indication for engine compartment
  • Accepts external manual activation inputs
  • Automatic Built-In-Test (BIT) on start-up
  • High reliability
  • RS-485 Modbus compatible
  • MTBF minimum 160,000 hours