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Commercial Range Products

Action Target is the expert to turn to whether you’re looking for a turnkey commercial range installation or to retrofit and upgrade your existing range. We bring innovative products and partners to the table, providing complete safety and comfort to your range installation. With safety features from bullet and clearing traps to safety baffles to unique shooting stalls your customers are safe and protected. We also offer complete range control, sound abatement, superior ventilation, innovative target retrievers and more.


With our start-to-finish approach to range installation and design, Action Target is here for you every step of the way. We’re happy to guide you through determining which products fit your space and budget best.


Our commercial range products are:

  1. Designed with safety in mind
  2. User-friendly
  3. Modular and customizable
  4. Innovative and well-constructed

Bullet Traps


Bullet traps safely and efficiently allow for the removal and disposal of collected lead and other debris without causing environmental damage and without violating city, county, state, or federal regulations.

Shooting Stalls


Independent ballistic testing and advanced designs ensure the shooter stays safe and comfortable in your range. Attachable accessories, interchangeable ballistic panels, and multiple table configurations work together to create the ideal shooting experience for your customers.

Target Retrievers


We offer a complete line of target retrieval systems on a rigid steel track, providing stable operation, quick target response, and more precise control.



A complete package of controls, traps, targets, air filtration, and maintenance to ensure that your employees and customers are protected from the health concerns associated with lead exposure and other air-borne toxins found in indoor ranges.



AutoTargets with Hit Sync Technology is a portable, reactive, hit sensing target system.

Range Control


Choose from simple handheld models, to complex command centers—targets can be controlled individually, all at once, or in various groupings, and can even interface with lights, fans, and audio systems.

Safety Baffles


Safety baffles ensure errant bullets can’t escape to the outside, providing ballistic protection to lights, pipes, ventilation ducts, and other structures, while also delivering sound abatement, and a polished, professional appearance to the range.

Clearing Traps


The clearing traps’ armored steel chamber filled with composite rubber will safely contain any unexpected shots fired with complete confidence.

Sound Abatement


Engineered to the exact requirement and specification of your range, all our work is guaranteed to meet all OSHA, government, military, and civilian noise standards, regulations, and ordinances.

Turning Targets

An assortment of target turners appropriate for firearms qualification, revolutionized by our air-powered, individually controlled, systems.