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Chempion Elite S

Chempion Elite S – chemical protective suit is a high-quality, professional protective suit for limited use (EN943-2) against solid, liquid and gaseous or vaporous pollutants [type 1a]. The breathing air is supplied by a compressed air breathing apparatus worn under the suit. It consists of a high-quality and robust carrier fleece with a special coating and offers protection against gaseous, solid and liquid chemicals of all kinds. The Chempion Elite S is a lightweight under protective suits. It is therefore extremely comfortable to wear and provides effective protection during use. It is mainly used for light chemical contaminations and is often used by the fire service, military, police, emergency services and in agriculture. But also for use in the chemical industry, the chemical protection suit Chempion Elite S is at home in water supply and wastewater management as well as in the oil industry and gas production. He also has gas-tight gloves and boots, which can be replaced quickly and easily when worn. With the Chempion Elite S you benefit from solid workmanship, high quality and flexible application in many areas of chemical disposal and control. A reliable chemical protective suit for a wide variety of uses and a protective partner for many years.


Chempion Elite S chemical suit – high quality, robust, clever


It consists of a multilayer film laminate with a robust carrier fleece. It also has a zipper and a zipper cover with press studs to ensure easy handling. The back of the Chempion Elite S is already prepared for wearing a compressed breathing apparatus under the protective suit. The very large head part of this chemical protection suit makes it possible to wear a helmet under the suit for additional protection. The gloves and safety boots can be ordered in three different sizes. Accordingly, they can also be exchanged. Chemical protective suits (CSA) like the Chempion Elite S offer protection against various chemicals and make working with chemicals safer.

Product Specifications

  • EN 943-2 suit approved for limited use
  • Gas-tight, interchangeable boots and gloves for added protection and flexibility
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Snap fasteners on zip cover for easy handling
  • Additional equipment with labeling on arm, chest and back possible (item no. 100157796)

Application Areas

  • Fire department / relief and rescue organizations
  • Industrial applications
  • Authorities / public safety
  • Asbestos control
  • Power generation and supply
  • Police / military
  • Water and sewage
  • Food processing
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture
  • Riot police and special operations units


  • 89/686 / EEC
  • EN 943-1: 2015 – type 1a
  • EN 943-2: 2002 – type 1a
  • EN ISO 13688: 2013