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Camera IW4G

The new IW4G combines most functions of the IW1. Furthermore, the IW4G has the revolutionary option to live stream video (and audio) real time over a 4G network without any un-save cables or external units. This allows you to monitor, guide and counsel your staff real time from the police station or HQ. Needles to say that this feature can really safe lives in case of an emergency.

The IW4G is equipped with an alarm button which can be pushed in case of an emergency. Thanks to the changeable battery combined with a built in battery you will never go out of power, you can change batteries while filming a/o livestreaming.

Our “man down” function will start recording automatically in case an officer starts running, gets into a fight or falls down and he/she didn’t had the chance to push the record button. Combined with its two way audio function this camera is next to the most complete bodycam there is also the best “lone worker” safety device in the market.