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Camera IW2A

The IW2A is a great very rugged body-camera for daily use.

It is designed to last the entire shift. It can record up to 12 hrs with GPS. It has a “stealth mode”, can take pictures, has night vision (IR) and can be used in in all our software platforms (Pro and Live) of course the IW2A is also equipped with other IWItness signature features like, RFID logging and assigning, front button operating, light weight and small size, KISS design, Bluetooth auto-triggers, etc. etc.

The IW2A is the first and only bodycam that connects with our IWitness smartwatch. Paired with the bodycam this smartwatch will activate the camera in case of a abnormal rise or decline in heartrate. So even in very stressful events were the officer forgot to start the recording IWItness will make sure it captures the evidence.