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Breathalyzer ALP-1

The Fuel Cell Sensor Technology, ALP-1 is highly-upgraded professional breathalyzer for measuring alcohol in human breath. It is installed fuel cell sensor technology with the best accuracy. Test result can be storage on ALP-1 as well as print out the data through wire-less connecting with mobile printer.


  1. Display Range: 0.000 to 5.000 ‰ or 0.000 to 0.500%BAC or 0.000 to 2.500 mg/l BrAC or 0.000 to 5.000 g/L by LCD display
  2. Sensor: Fuel cell type alcohol sensor
  3. Accuracy: ±0.005%BAC at 0.100%BAC
  4. Mouthpiece: use
  5. Measurements memory: Approx. 500 measurements
  6. Measurement mode: Normal, Fast and Passive mode
  7. Power: Two 1.5V “AA” size alkaline batteries
  8. Battery Change: Approx. 3,000 tests
  9. Weights: 198g (Including Batteries)
  10. Dimension: 133 (height) X 64 (width) X 33 (thickness) mm
  11. Audible warnings: 3 steps beep warning of alcohol detection with LED display
  12. Ambient conditions: Storage: -10 to 50 ℃ / Operation: -5℃ to 40 ℃
  13. Available color: Black
  14. Response time: 3 to 5 sec
  15. Measuring presentation time: 3 to 10 sec
  16. Recovery time: less than 10 sec at 0.100 %BAC
  17. Breathalyzer material: Plastic ABS, hard duty, high resistance
  18. EN15964, DOT EBT, IP 54, CE, Medical CE


Breathalyzer ALP-1 (1pc), Plastic hard case (1pc), mouthpiece MP1 (5pcs), Mouthpiece MA1 (For fast mode, 1pc)

, AA size Alkaline Battery (2pcs), Manual (1pc), Slide Hand strap (1pc), Leather pouch (1pc)

, MAX30 CD (PC software, 1pc), PC connecting USB cable (1pc) 


ALP-1 Option

  • Printer

  • ALP-1 with Bluetooth

  • Printer with Bluetooth

ALP-1 with SD card: Test result installed on the SD card

Measurement mode

A. Normal mode: Test result showing with digits.


B. Fast mode

Test will be quicker and more convenient.
The result is showing with “P” (PASS) or “F” (FAIL) rather than numerical reading.
You don’t need to use mouthpiece, just use open container.
You don’t need to push the button to take a breath.


C. Passive mode

This is manual mode to take a breath by pushing a button. You can use it for both Normal and fast mode.