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B2B Direct Ordering

Challenger Instant Licensing (CHIL)


Our B2B instant licensing module enhances the navigating officer’s user experience by allowing them to automatically receive permits for AVCS, ADP and e-NPs within seconds of submitting the request, reducing the amount of admin time and therefore allowing more time to focus on navigational planning and bridge watch keeping duties in general. The system can be controlled by enforcing an ordering limit, set by the office based ship manager, which cannot be exceeded on-board meaning a greater degree of control on expenditure levels.


– CHIL customers can have fixed yearly price, by selecting only cells needed for the route and get permits instantly.

– Reduced weekly data file size due to complete control over items which are ordered, meaning no unwanted data for cells which aren’t necessary.

– Vessels can request new cells whenever they need them.

– Shipping office can control expenditure by setting limits for each vessel and approving each order as they come.

– Annual usage can be easily analysed and advice can be given on possible savings.

– All international AVCS cells are included in the CHIL service, no restrictions.